Immigration Lawyers

Immigration reform is currently being decided upon in the US Congress. Knowing who to trust for help with becoming a legal citizen or obtaining a visa is paramount to ensuring you can make America your home. The best way to begin your process is by consulting with qualified and experienced immigration lawyers. That is exactly what you will find at the Barbeito and Hiatt law firm.

Many will tell you, immigrating to the US is not easy. The best way to initiate the process is by having a consultation with an immigration law firm that can offer you the best knowledge in the industry. This is not the time to bargain hunt. You can lose time and money trying to approach this process without professionals that are proficient and highly experienced in the process of US immigration.

The Barbeito and Hiatt law firm is based in Houston, Texas. Our attorneys are committed to ensuring individuals and businesses obtain the proper visas required by law to live and operate in the United States. We specialize in investor visas, permanent resident visas, managerial and executive visas, nonimmigrant and immigrant waivers as well as naturalization and citizenship.

Some of the easiest US immigration applications involve paperwork that the average person cannot follow. Any errors in filling out this paperwork or filing the correct forms can result in delaying your process, having your application returned or even rejected. Our law firm will assist you with your application process confirming your paperwork is filled out correctly and sent into the correct channels for review.

Barbeito and Hiatt attorneys have both the knowledge and the streamlined systems to arrange your legal documents for any immigration process. Allow them to connect your immigration requirements with successful results. Their professional qualities and past successes are your advantage and your road to legal status in the United States. Contact us today.